Animation works

Animation works

Week 16 17 18

  • A character speaking a piece of student chosen dialogue! William Shakespeare 

Do not touch my hair! No, no,no no no no no!



  • A character speaking a piece of set dialogue! William Shakespeare 

——Stealing unseen to west with this disgrace.


  • Reference:


  • Jim Carrey




  • What is the overriding emotion expressed by their face?

jim carrey

His face is happy and funny, through the character he acted, you can find all of them are comic character. The most obvious characteristics of him is his eyes, the expression on his face is a good reference for animation study.

  • How does their face compare to their character? Does the face fit?


Count Olaf is theatrical villain, Jim Carrey’s face is perfect to fit the character,The darkest areas of Olaf’s personality were toned down considerably for the film, in which most of the more violent and disturbing sequences of his character were often shared with comedic outbursts. Despite this, the character was still portrayed as an amoral schemer and murderer.

  • What is their voice like and does it suit their face?

His voice is suit for his face, but through different character, he can change to different voice.





Week 14 15

A character performing through facial expression.

  • Thumbnail sketch


  • main key positions







Week 12 13

  • reference videos

  • The character performing through body language

  • character analysis





Week 11

4 legged Creature character design

  • Thumbnail sketch
  • Research: movement, behavior





  • Model sheet




                                                                                                       Magical Lantern Festival

Inspired by Chinese lantern , at night time transform to bright like a lantern

  • Model sheet


  • 4 legged Creature run 

  • A sea creature – Squid


  • Videos of Squid’s moving

  • analyze its movement


  • what you think its character is? 

Squid looks like happy and kind, because the big eyes and the body looks like a big mouse, and the line of the body looks like a big small on his mouse, and another feature is that his movement is so fast and quick, so is mains that they are so happy.






Week 10

Circus character animation design

  • Thumbnail sketch


clown(female)1 clown(female)kidclown(female)old



  • Model sheet



  • Character introduction:

1 Who am I?

I’m a clown. An ordinary one.

2 Where am I?

I was born in a small circus near the countryside and I spend my whole life here,I have performances almost every night.

3 When?

I had the last show on the New Year’s eve, after the show I really feel so tired and don’t want to entertain audiences anymore. I felt tired of circus life.

4 What do I want?

I want to go to outside to see the world. I want to change my life, I want to try everything new.

5 Why do I want this?

Because I’m bored,being a clown is not my dream, after performing I always feel so sad.

6 What must I overcome?

One day, I met a tramp, he told me that he is unfortunate, he lost his home and family and he is homeless, I realized I can do something for him, so I picked up a few stones and did a performance for him.

The next day, another unfortunate person came to me and told his story, and the third day, another one…… more and more people came to tell me their misfortunes. over time I discovered that there is significance existing in me. I am not just a stupid and funny clown to give performances to audiences, I can bring the hope and happiness to their lives. 

7 How will I achieve my goal?

I will go back to the circus and I won’t feel sick about my performances anymore, I will treat every performance sincerely, I feel the more fun I give to them, the more happy I am, I think this is the significance of a clown’s existence.


  • Model making:


About the silhouette:

I made the silhouette so clearly and show the feature of the clown.


I think he is really happy to go into the oven!!!!

grsgfdsgfdsgfdsgrsg IMG_5659

  • The making of stop-motion animation

  • The walking cycle of clown character






Week 10





Week 9





Week 8 





Week 7





Week 5

This is the key position of my push animation work.





Week 4

This is the key position of pick up ball animation work.





Week 3   

This is a stop motion animation about the key position of jump.





Week 2