Term 5 Project Red House

Term 5 Project Red House

TERM 5  Final Project:  A RED HOUSE

  • Inspiration

The inspiration of A RED HOUSE came from an exercise in a lesson at the beginning of Term 3, We randomly selected two cards and tell a story. I drew a house and a baby.

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So, at that time I came out an idea about a house and a baby.

  • Research

There are few of animation works using the house as a topic.

After saw them I feel so bad but I will do something new and also original. There are some personal opinion about these two animation works.

The Home Sweet Home. Obviously, the visual effect is really good, but for story telling, the choice of Alive House is unnecessary. Why the house start a journey?What’s the motivation?

The Embarked, it is a story about the boy who moves to another place, and the house followed him and they been together again. I don’t think it is same as my story.

  • The analysis of Christmas Advert

This is an advert for Christmas from John Lewis in 2013.

This is a repost from a recent Facebook Live stream that Aaron did. In this video Aaron goes back to his roots with pencil and paper at the animation desk. Watch as Aaron demonstrates and explains the use of simple shapes when traditionally animating characters. Through the use of simple shapes your ability to keep the look and volumes of your characters consistent throughout your animation will be greatly increased.

The Research of American family adopts chinses child.

Adoption became an official legal process (and not just an informal practice) in the 1850s. And over the last 150 years, the institution has evolved and changed along with society. Today, about 135,000 children are adopted in America every year — from the foster care system, private domestic agencies, family members, and other countries.


A short documentary that follows one family’s experience adopting a baby girl internationally from China using America World Adoption service.

Finn is visually impaired and was abandoned in China shortly after birth. But this July 2015 he was adopted by Beth and Ferrin. Travel through their adoption day and hear their thoughts.

Here is a piece of music really suit for my topic.

  • Sketch

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  • Reference

House ruins


Baby bird


  • Character Design

House Design