How to using 3D support 2D animation

Some research of 2D animation combine 3D techniques.

  • Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron

This film used a lot of the camera to track the shooting, the background of the animation uses 3D animation techniques to achieve the camera moving, such as the house running through the mountains, grasslands, and forests. This is a really good example for using 3D background to support 2D animation.


  • Freak of the week

Another good example is this music video called Freak of the week, the features of music video is using lots of camera moving, especially for band, this 2D animation using 3D techniques not just the background and also the characters.

  • Tarzan




  • Poet Anderson

  • Cassette Girl

  • Treasure Planet

  • Sayonara

  • Everything I Can See From Here 

  • Ciclope

  • wolf children



















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