How to using 3D support 2D animation

How to using 3D support 2D animation

Some research of 2D animation combine 3D techniques.

2D 3D animation have different strengths and weaknesses ,therefore sometimes it’s an interesting option for a director to use a combination of 2D and 3D animation to get the best outcome for their film.

3D animation has the benefit of feeling more grounded in space with a more accurate sense of space and volume the lighting in  predictive and other complex calculations can be handled by the software leaving the artist less tasks to do.

2D animation is more organic in how it feels and in my opinion it can be more expressive, it’s not as easy as it sounds to merge 2D and 3D animation.

Studios have struggled for many years and only with today’s technology, that’s available is it becoming easier to do, this it’s often a problem where directors need to find creative strategies to overcome these problems of merging the two in a way which looks convincing a lot of it comes down to small tricks and attention to detail the two mediums need to closely resemble each other in the   level of detail and how that detail behaves on a moving surface.

  • Spirit Stallion Of The Cimarron

This film used a lot of the camera to track the shooting, the background of the animation uses 3D animation techniques to achieve the camera moving, such as the house running through the mountains, grasslands, and forests. This is a really good example for using 3D background to support 2D animation.


  • Freak of the week

Another good example is this music video called Freak of the week, the features of music video is using lots of camera moving, especially for band, this 2D animation using 3D techniques not just the background and also the characters.

  • Tarzan

I noticed that they had hand-drawn animation on top of three-dimensional clips and I wondered how they did that, how they do this I think is that they print out the 3D animation on two sheets of paper and then those sheets of paper are what the key animator in this Glen Keane drawers on top of this. This was at least 20 years ago that they made this so  it was one of the earlier versions but it’s still really impressive and it still looks really good today.



  • Poet Anderson

  • Cassette Girl

  • Treasure Planet

  • Sayonara

  • Everything I Can See From Here 

  • Ciclope

  • wolf children

I set up a 3D model and post the key frame in Maya, as a reference for the 2D animation.